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Less Time Counting by Fives

Max prints labels, affixes labels to the vial, and accurately counts and dispenses oral solids. To top it off, Max is the only pharmacy robot that caps the vials. Once capped, Max sorts into bins for easy retrieval. All while you're doing more high-value tasks.

Modernize to Scale Operations

Parata Max automates, on average, 60 percent of your script volume. In addition, Max is 100 percent accurate for drug and dose when proper processes are followed, positioning you for better care for more patients.

If It's Good for the Patient, It's Good for the Pharmacy

With improved workflow, pharmacy teams are free to focus on patient care, offering the level of service and care that inspired you to become a pharmacist in the first place.

Workflow that Works

Max is designed with workflow in mind. Inventory and completed prescriptions are managed on separate sides of the robot. Caps and vials can be replenished while Max is running. Completed scripts can be stored while you focus on patient care.

Built for You

Built to suit your formulary and your pharmacy.

On-Site Training

Get your team up to speed with hands-on training.

Parata Max

Installed by the Pros

Armed with expertise and know-how for minimal disruption to your operations.

Dedicated Support

On the phone or in the field — support is made up of highly trained Parata employees.

There's a Reason We Call It Max


accuracy ›

100% accurate for drug and dose when proper processes are followed by the pharmacy. 99.99% accurate for drug count.


capacity ›

Can store up to 232 completed prescriptions before requiring attendance, keeping your pharmacy operations moving no matter how busy you are.


volume ›

Fills — on average — up to 60% of a pharmacy's prescription volume, leaving your team free for higher-value activities.

Tripp Logan

"With our proactive medication adherence program, we know when patients will receive their monthly medications and we can make the most of every patient interaction."

Diane Martin

"Parata Max keeps our pharmacy running efficiently and our operating costs low. It’s key to our success and plans for the future."

Bretton Walberg

"We've incorporated technology to grow our business while providing the best patient care possible."

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