MHA Business Summit Update

You provided us with feedback about how Parata Systems can better serve you and help your business to thrive. We invite you to see our progress in this quarterly update. 
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Thank you for your participation in the Parata User Conference at the MHA Business Summit. As a result of your contributions, our company-wide MHA Feedback Program is under way and producing results. 

The program encompasses 15 projects in 5 key focus areas:

  • Canister Management
  • Communications
  • Product Development
  • Business Advocacy
  • Customer Experience
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Our Goals

Our quarterly update is part of our commitment to providing you with better communications that you can use — to demonstrate we are committed to being your partner in success.


Communicate progress and reinforce we are listening.

Be Strategic

Make changes in the most efficient and impactful ways.

Get Results

Everything we do has a goal of driving performance for us and success for you.
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With the MHA Feedback Program manager and the assistance of the program coordinator, 15 project leaders, and the involvement of nearly 100 subject matter experts across our company, we are working on improvements based on your valuable feedback.