Technology Solutions for the Modern Pharmacy

Today's pharmacy has been challenged to evolve to do more, provide more value, and make an even greater impact on patient health. These challenges aren't insurmountable.

With Parata, you have more than a technology solution; you have a partner in success.

Drive Value for Success

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Drive Value for Success

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Gain valuable insights from today's most successful pharmacies to learn how they meet the challenges of running a successful pharmacy today. Partnering with Parata means greater

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  • Efficiency

Leverage Parata Technology


Pharmacies that consistently turn a profit rely on automation technology. By automating backend operations, they increase safety and efficiency while positively impacting  their
bottom line — and they create time to provide patient care.


Nearly half of the 117 million U.S. adults with at least one chronic condition do not take their medications as prescribed. Parata adherence packaging empowers patients to take each dose on time every time. By demonstrating an impact on outcomes, pharmacies can attract new patients and better serve them.


Pharmacies can capitalize on the changing industry by providing value-added patient care services and forming strategic partnerships with providers and payers who are looking to pharmacy for help cutting costs and keeping patients healthier at home.