Adherence solutions from Parata. 

Learn why leading pharmacies trust Parata automation solutions to help them empower patients while increasing revenue

Adherence solutions from Parata. 


Learn why leading pharmacies trust Parata automation solutions to help them empower patients while increasing revenue

Parata PASS

Differentiate your pharmacy with an adherence solution that makes it easy for your patients to take the right medicine at the right dose at the right time - no matter how complex their medication regimens. 

In addition, we see a substantial increase in prescription volume and increased profit margins for patients enrolled in adherence programs. On average, pharmacies capture an additional 29 scripts per enrolled patient each year, with an increased profit margin on each script.

The modern pharmacy relies on technology solutions to meet challenges.

PASS 208

PASS 208 is has a smaller footprint and still offers all the power to automate the preparation of unit- and multi-dose strip packaging, replacing bulky blister packs and cumbersome medication planners. A complete solution holding up to 208 canisters, the PASS 208 is a simple way to manage medications with confidence, improving adherence and outcomes.

PASS 500

Parata's Patient Adherence Strip System (PASS) features our smart canister design, which extends the capacity of Parata PASS units beyond the standard configuration so you can add canisters as your business or formulary grows. For up to 500 canisters, PASS 500 is a powerful solution for medication adherence.


Pharmacy Success Stories

Bretton Walberg, R.Ph.
Walberg Family Pharmacies

I use Parata PASS strip packaging to make it easier for patients to take their medications as prescribed and for me to grow my business. 

Ramesh Upadhyayula, R.Ph.
Desert Hospital Outpatient Pharmacy

Our rate of growth is astonishing — we add several patients each week — and our patients are telling family and friends about our medication adherence program, too.

Chris Geronsin, R.Ph.
Bevery Hills & Gateway Apothecary

Through frequent communication with patients and their support teams, we make sure patients are sticking to their medications and living the healthiest lives possible.